BOBAPP怎么样 是一家立志于中高档进户门、安全门的研究、开发、制造、销售为一体的专业型企业,BOBAPP怎么样 旗下包括了美凯居和浩凯两大品牌。公司拥有资产一个亿,厂房面积10万平方米,员工500多人,其中高、中层管理员、工程技术(开发、设计)人员达30多人,大中专学历占员工总数的15%,自公司创办以来,始终坚持以市场为导向,以科技为依托、以质量求生存,以荣誉求发展,兢兢业业、孜孜追求,并引进国际先进的机械流水生产设备,具有年产70万樘安全门的能力。




Zhejiang Meikai door industry is a professional company that produces high-grade entry doors and security doors, which also owns the mature system of research, development, manufacturing and sales. The company has assets of a hundred million yuan and 100,000 square meters of plant area. There are more than 500 staffs in Meikai, more than 30 of which are high and middle managers, engineers and technological (research and development) staffs. 15% of them have degrees of technical secondary schools or colleges. In order to survive and develop, since its inception, Meikai is always conscientious and trying its best to be market-oriented, technology-based, high-qualified and creditable. The introduction of advanced international mechanical assembly line makes sure the annual production capacity of 700,000 security doors.

With the advantages of hardware manufacturing, strict selection of materials, exquisite technology and reasonable product structure, the company is able to guarantee the high and stable quality of all the products. Meikai’s products have passed the quality inspection of Ministry of Public Security, also been admitted by ISO9001:2000 international quality management system. To serve the society with high quality products is the eternal pursuit of Meikai, which help it survive and stand out in such fierce market competition.

Meikai adheres to the enterprise culture of people-oriented, which brings the elites from all corners of China. To maintain the consumerism, Meikai aims to provide the society and all the consumers with best and most satisfying products. At present, the product sales and service networks of security door have spread throughout 28 provinces and autonomous regions. What’s more, the products have been exported to Russia, the Middle East, Africa, Malaysia, Eastern Europe, etc.


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